ArcGIS Sandbox

This is a space to stash our in-progress ArcGIS projects with the hopes that you may be inspired by our incomplete work and/or offer resources and advice to improve our maps.

Exploring the Intersections: 

Environmental Justice, Race, Poverty, and School Performance

This app shows data related to environmental justice, air quality monitoring, school performance, race, and poverty.

Inclusive Farmer's Markets in Kern County

This app shows the location of farmers' markets and other stores in Kern County, CA that accept SNAP and WIC, as well as poverty & race data to help identify inequities:

Kern County Schools & Citizen Scientist Project Activities

This app shows all of the public schools in Kern County. Eventually, the schools with a green dot will represent all of the schools that have participated in at least one of our activities, and the red dots are schools with which we have not yet had the chance to partner. Longer term, we will use this to gauge project saturation, strategically plan partnerships, and track improvements to environmental justice conditions.

Kern County Schools, Community Access to Internet, & iNaturalist Observations

Tree Canopy Cover, Heat Islands, Public Schools, Race, and Poverty