Computer Science & Global Citizen Science

In partnership with our CSUB Computer Science colleagues, we have developed a Computer Science Supplementary Authorization, which can be added to Multiple Subject and Single Subject credentials in California.  In keeping with our Global Citizen Science focus, our program uses citizen science as a lens for considering how computer science competencies and mindsets can help to improve our relationship with each other and our home planet. For our 2023 cohort, we are able to offer a full scholarship through a $350,000.00 grant we received from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in partnership with Kern County Superintendant of Schools, as well as through our partnership with the Math Science Teacher Initiative. To learn more about our program and to apply, see the website below. 

Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Completer Map

Zoom in and click on the map to view the school sites at which our Computer Science Supplementary Authorization completers are located. 

Computer Science Supplementary Authorization Program Page