Citizen Science Teaching Fellows

Our Teaching Fellows program pairs practicing teachers with practicing scientists to implement an existing or develop a new global citizen science project. Through this pairing, we aim to mutually enhance the global citizen science pedagogy of the teacher;  the scale of data collection, data analysis, and data-informed advocacy of the scientist; and Explorer pathways for students. Review our co-design model to the left and artifacts from our current teams of Fellows below: 

2022 Fellows

Dr. Luke Hall, Megan McCullah, and Danielle Farrell have partnered to launch a citizen science project on Kit Foxes in the San Joaquin Valley. They are currently using Instant Wild as their camera trap platform. You can help them to identify kit foxes and other species here.

2021 Fellows

Dr. Antje Lauer and Kate Adamson, in collaboration with our Citizen Science Teacher on Special Assignment, Rachel Harless, have partnered to create a citizen science project focused on Valley Fever. Kate's high school students helped to refine a new protocol for collecting dust samples from homes, schools, and businesses to better map the presence of the fungus that causes Valley Fever in our community. You can learn more about their project here.

2020 Fellows

Amy Downs worked with a team of citizen scientists from UC Riverside to create a  BioBlitz related to the Asian Citrus Psyllid, which is an invasive species that can decimate citrus groves. You can learn more about her project here.